Sunday, April 22, 2012

My new grab button and one more Lovely Lady

To day I did get a Grab Button for my blog. I did not know how to make it but there are so many helpful friends on my mixed media community on FB and one of them is Mary Nasser (you can go to her blog from my page, look to the right sidebar). Mary used half of her day helping me making mine. So now I have a Grab Button that I like a lot, take a look at the right side for that on too and feel free to grab the one and put it to your blog :-)
While Mary was working for me I was painting.. and now I have one more Lovely Lady friend.. Hope you like her, I do, love her colors..


  1. Another beautiful painting!
    I love this series of yours!
    I'll definitely have your blog button on my sidebar, too. :)
    Got lots of painting done today also!

    1. Thank you Mary, I like this one, love the colors. Glad you had time to paint today after working for my... Thanks again.

  2. Sigga, you rock!!!!! LOVE your paintings!!! I am in life book too and other online classes, I love online art classes! Keep painting your awesome pictures!!!! Big Hugs, Julie (ann)

    1. Thank you Julie, I love the online classes to. Ill keep on making my Lovely friends..