Saturday, June 23, 2012

Postcard swap... New York and more....

Last week I was on a trip to New York with my family. We stayed in Long Island for two nights with a family and then in Manhattan for two nights. 
We did have a very nice time both with the family and then in the city.
Just before we vent I made these postcards for a postcard swap I was taking part in.

Im always late posting here but someone has to be the last one...

I went to Michaels in Staten Island and bought a little art stuff, they did not have Golden gel so I have to get it later but I bought so cheep stamps, one dollar each some of them, here in Iceland I have to pay dollars 20 or more for each. 

I did not find it easy to find magazine from Stampington but I found two Somerset Studio and one Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I was going to buy Journaling but I have to order it as I did not find one.
Happy last PPF friday...
Hope that Ill be on time next time..


  1. Gorgeous postcards! Hope you are having a great trip:) Here, we don't have the kind of Dollar would have been great to have one!

    1. Thank you Deepa, I saw so many things in America I would have loved to buy but I did buy a little of this and that I can use for my mixed media. Love going to America.

  2. I know the recipients will love your postcards. So glad you are enjoying your trip. In the 1960's and 70's our family lived in Huntington, Long Island. We are in Chicago since 1975.

    1. Hi Gloria, I did love Long Island, went to Micheles and Target and Staten Island Mall, It was great. In Manhattan it was crowded and 90°f or more.