Thursday, November 28, 2013

My painting makes me a little sad..

I was asked to paint a painting. 
A girl, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a beautiful person died, she was young, to young to die.
From the moment I was asked I knew how I wanted my painting to look like but was not sure that the people who asked me would like a painting like that.
 The day before I had made sketches of few paintings and the first one was the one I wanted to paint.
I don´t paint for people, I paint for myself, hoping someone else is going to like my painting and if they buy, I´m very happy.
I did start.
And I did paint.
I did not stand up for 5 hours, I wanted to finish my work, so I would have time to make another one, very different, If they did not like my painting.
I worked two more hours in the evening and then the painting was ready.
I was very happy with my work and I so hoped they would like my painting.
They did, they loved my painting.
They gave it away to the girls coworkers.
They loved my painting to.

Hope you like my painting too.
Happy PPF and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.



  1. How wonderful to be able to create this painting in memory, its beautiful as is the words. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Sigga, this is such a beautiful painting! no wonder everyone loved it. She is a little sad, but not morbid or remorseful just a gentle spirit looking out to the world with her message of hope and hands full of love :)

  3. She is beautiful. I am not surprise everyone liked it, it is full of love.

  4. It's a gorgeous painting and I can see why everyone loved it. A lovely painting to cherish a memory.

  5. she's so beautiful- I love that she's holding bouquets of hearts!

  6. She is simply lovely with a wonderful spirit!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. <3 en fallegt.
    Gaman að sjá síðuna þína og verkin þín.

    Stína Sæm

  8. So good that they liked your painting! It's always so hard to make something on commission, because you can't look into other people's heads and see which picture they have in there. I love the hearts your girls is carrying. Simple but meaningful ...

  9. Who wouldn't love your beautiful art, straight from the heart!
    Like you, I too feel that, one should paint for oneself first. When others like it, we feel happier!