Thursday, November 7, 2013

My doll is done and a wonderful girl bought two prints from my Etsy shop :) :)

It does not happen often but it did happen now....
Im sick, having a flue.

I hate being sick and not able to go to work, especial now when we, all the teachers and the staff are having a friend week at work and Im missing everything.... Im sad :(

This week I did sell two prints from my Etsy shop. It made me so happy because I have not been very active there, always forgetting to add new things out there. 
But now Im going to add new items in there as soon as I have made them :)

It would make me very happy if you would take a visit one day, just to see what I have there and maybe share my shop with your friends.

After sewing my doll, filling her up and adding the clay I painted her black, I found it a little strange but after adding other colors I saw how cool it looked. 

Here you can see how se look, kind of like her face but Im going to make a new skirt, think it will look better if I make her wear skirt in bright colors.

If you missed my last post you can see it now because there Im showing the process of making the doll.

My ETSY shop

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are and a happy PPF



  1. Love how your doll turned out, especially the sculptured face. Am so sorry you are unwell Sigga and hope you feel better soon. Annette x

  2. The doll is gorgeous! And congrats on the sales. :)

  3. She is gorgeous!! I love her with the black skirt!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. She turned out so well! Gorgeous! Her face is lovely. Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. lovely doll. Congrats on the sales-nothing like it to inspire you to add more! Sorry to hear about the flu. Feel better real soon!

  6. Get well soon. Stay in bed and drink lots of juice.
    Love your doll too.

    1. Thank you Nicole, Ill do that, Im better but not good :(

  7. sweet cute! feel better soon!

  8. I love seeing the steps of your doll-making! What a beautiful creation!

  9. Your doll is beautiful. I took Gritty Janes doll making tutorial as well and enjoy making these wonderful dolls :)

  10. Your doll is BEAUTIFUL. And I hope you are feeling much better now!