Sunday, March 9, 2014

Im learning from Kelly Rae Roberts....

My newest class is the one with Kelly Rae Roberts.
Im in love with her art, she is the best in layers, I think.
I love the way she build up her paintings, layer by layer
and her choose of color is so fantastic.
As she says then she loves the white and use it a lot to blend other colors with.

It all starts with paint building up layers of colors, warm colors, cold colors and all the other colors and sprays, stencils and stamps, layer by layer. 

There are so many small details in her paintings and I tried to do my best by 
finding small things that would fit in my painting.

I worked on my first one for a long time, was not happy, 
to crowded and something was wrong.

So I did a little changes here and there and now Im almost done, 
going to work a little more with the lettering in the bottom.

I started working on my second background. Did a good start.

Love this one, reminds me of the summertime. 
Not going to work more on this one.

This one is on my desk now.
Im a little afraid with this one, dont know what to do next. 
Have not glued down the butterfly jet, not sure if I use it. 
Love the colors in this one, they are not my favorite but I like them.

That is my life today....
Trying to learn from the best...
Hoping that one day I find my style using all the tricks 
from all the wonderful teachers I have been learning from the past two years.

Have a beautiful day, all of you



  1. So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Love, love, love the end result!

    1. Thank you Birgit, now that one is finished. I will post a photo soon :-)

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  3. Sigga your website is so nice! I love it! I love what you are doing in your Kelly Rae class! I will keep checking in here! <3

    1. Thank you so much Jeanette, you are welcome :-)

  4. Nice work. I also am inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts and hope one day to take a course from her.

    1. Thank you jo, I hope that one day you will be able to take her class :-)

  5. Your paintings are vibrant and soulful and makes me smile.
    Thank you :-)