Friday, June 13, 2014

Beautiful Mandalas

In the end of 2011 I took a class from Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal
learning how to make Mandalas. I found out about this class from Willowing
I loved that class and Im so happy to know how to make one.
I have been teaching my students how to make and this winter my girls made such a wonderful Mandalas I have to show you their work. 

Don´t you think they look fabulous?
All started with the same size of paper and a dot in the middle.
I love those mandalas and the girls loved to make them.

Have a beautiful weekend



  1. Sigga this is absolutely fantastic! I´m so so happy to know my free class helped you to spread the Mandala seed :)
    Love and light my darling, that´s what you are ♥