Monday, June 23, 2014

Bunny time..

Now my Soul Food classes are almost over. 
It has been an half year of creation, two classes every week.
New teachers and new assignments.
Some of the classes I have enjoyed more than others.
and then I start creating and can not stop until
 I have made few painting with the same Technic.
That happened when I took Micki Wilde class.
It was all about bunnies :)

First I made this lovely one with the little heart, love this one :)

Then my daughter did need a gift for her friend so I made another :)

After the second one I could not stop, wanted to make more, 
so I did this little one with her little friend the bird :)

And then I had to try one more and made this one with beautiful 
background which I made with my new Gelli Plate, what a fun.

The last two I made are half the size of the others, 
don't like them so much, don't think those two colors holds in hand. 

Have a great week



  1. These are all very adorable! I really love the first one with the blue and orange red. Such wonderful colours together :)

  2. these are adorable! i've been playing a lot lately with gelli plate prints….it's so fun!

    1. Thank you, I love my Gelli Plate, have to practic more :-)

  3. Cute! Love how you did the background in the first two ....

  4. I really like this face. You have a good way of expressing. Well done