Saturday, January 10, 2015

New art challange on a new year

I love to sign up for art challenge.
This year I did sign up for Lilla Rogers Bootcamp.
I little expensive but as a former student I did get 50% of so I could not say no..

First week in the month we get a mini project, the second week we get the challenge of the month and then we have two weeks to finish our challenge.

The first mini was to draw Edwardian Brooches.
I have never done anything like that before so it was a challenge for me.

I enjoyed making few pages, this is a little doodle and I love to doodle so I was having fun. 
I did use a watercolor to color it, I might try other kind of colors too.
Soon I hope to be able to color things like that in Photoshop.

Have a wonderful weekend



  1. I love art challenges too, but I don´t have time for them this year. I take all the time I can get in my studio to paint. I am sure I will make upp my own challenges though :)

    1. Thank you for your visit, I love your art :)

  2. Love your brooch ideas! I actually have only tried to do art challenges a few times. I am not sure if it is me - or the type of challenge ... but I do not seem to do well with my art under pressure. Or maybe I just was not ready yet, no idea. But the few times I tried I simply did not enjoy it too much. Maybe I should try again ...

  3. Thank you, you should not give up :)