Saturday, March 5, 2016

I borrowed a computer so now I can make a new post :)

Finally I can write a litle post.
My computer broke down so I have been unable to write and add photos to my blog.
Today I have a computer so Im going to write a little.

Last time I wrote about my Mandala project.
Making one Mandala every day for 100 days.
I was about to give up when I had make 10 but I always made one more and one more and today Im making Mandala nr. 66 I think.. on the 66th day from new years day..

I love making Mandala, I love to draw and I love to paint Mandala. 
Now I have made few on canvas and I think they all look beautiful.

Those two paintings I made for an exhibition started today in Reykjavík. I think we are about 40 having painting there together. All very different.
I did not go for the opening, was busy at home painting. 
Ill go some day. 

I love to paint big. I thought I was finished with this one ready in frame but I saw a have forgotten to paint the nose for animal.... Have to try to make a nose without spoiling the painting :)

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