Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Im back with a new Laptop :)

Mandala 19/100

Finally I bought a new lapptop....
My old did not want to work anymore so..
Now I can start blogging again..
I have been very busy making Mandalas, one every day for 100 days.
Now I have only 17 more to make.. :)
Time is flying, 100 days sinch my birthday but then I made the first one.
I was going to blog about my Mandalas every day but as I did not have my computer I was not able to.. So after 17 days im going to make a video with all of them together and post here :)
As I told you before then Im taking Life Book 2016.
One of the teachers is ... and I made these fiveminute flover painting after watching her class video.
Usually I dont like to paint flowers but after this class Im more interested in painting them.

Have a wonderful day all of you


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