Friday, November 23, 2012

My sweet little princess and few unfinished Whimsie girls..

I have not told you much about my self but now I´m going to show you my sweet little granddaughter.
She is my first grandchild and I just adore her.
Today is her two months birthday, she is growing so fast.
I´m so much looking forward to spend the Christmas with her and her parents.
She is smiling all day long..

Here are my new Whimsies style girls, little different from My Lovely Ladies, but as much fun to make. I am a little bit in love with them and I think I´m going to make much more of these..

I have been sick all week. Hate to be sick, I have not been able to paint but I could doodle a little where I was sitting trying to get better. 

First I made one drawing, then another and so on, I could not stop. This was reminding me of when I started with My Lovely Lady, I could not stop... 

When I had 8 done I did start coloring them, started with my Neocolor, then a little water and brush, little pens here and there and then colored pencils. 

After that they had dried out I did start with my white Acryl painting, 
painting strait from the tube.

Now I did start working on the background with my Neocolor and my brush.

Now I just have to get better of this flu... so that I can start working on the background with all my paint and stuff. 
Have a beautiful weekend and a happy PPF.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Loving your new artworks and thank you for sharing the photo of your cute grand-daughter. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. beautiful baby and beautiful art!

  3. congrats on your granddaughter... she's beautiful! hoping your health returns quickly so you can get that brush back in your hand! xo

  4. Your whimsey girls all have gorgeous faces. And the granddaughter is very precious. What a lovely smile.

  5. What cute little angels! I hope you have started feeling better!

  6. Gorgeous angels including your granddaughter, hope you get better soon, and get back to painting.

  7. Congratulations on your lovely granddaughter, she looks adorable. I think your angels are so sweet and charming too.

  8. Hope you are healing - the flu is not fun. I love your little lady paintings - but I must admit that your precious little granddaughter outshines them all. What a blessing she must be in your life. Enjoy every minute you can with her

  9. What a doll! I think all your whimsies should have her adorable spiky hair!

    Hope you are over the flu soon.

  10. Precious baby! :) Your whimsies are so cute, too! Get well soon!

  11. Your granddaughter is just beautiful! What a cutie pie :) So happy for you! I'm sure she is much inspiration for your art work!

  12. Babies are the best! I love your "flu" ladies, they look very cheery. Hope you feel better soon!