Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tracy Verdugo was this week teacher in the Life Book

I loved this week lesson in the Life Book. 
Tracy Verdugo was teaching and this time I loved her lesson.
I have admired her paintings for a long time and vanted to learn what kind 
of teknik she is using.
Now I know so I was so excited to try.
I was so happy with my first painting.

First I did start adding some dots here and there. 
Then I played with a wooden stick and my fingers, 
added a little water spray.

Then I did add some more colors and more dots and little of this and that.

And that is the resultat. 

I love studying the colors. Yellow, red and blue are the primary colors, if we mix them together we have a brown color. These are the colors I was using in this one plus the white color and a permanent pen for the writing. 

And when I had made one I had to make another.
Now I was only using red and blue using the same teknik, dots here and there and then the wooden stick and water spray.

Then I added a little more, used my stencil and my fingertips.

It was looking beautiful..

And to finish I was using the white color and my permanent pen. 
Love this pice. 

 The second one reminds me of Christmas, the red and the blue together with the white.

Hope you like my new painting as much as I do :)

Have a beautiful weekend all of you
Happy PPF to the rest..


  1. Lovely! This looks like fun... I like the colors as well in both.

  2. What a fun process! End result fun too! HPPF!!! on Thursday!

  3. Lovey colors and flower paintings! :)

  4. Stunning! I love her style, both artistic and teaching! Thanks for sharing the in process steps of your painting! Happy PPF!

  5. Loving the fun of these paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. I totally love this! I have to make time and do this lesson. :)

  7. These are charming, pretty, sweet and ethereal,thank you for sharing the process! HPPF!

  8. Such exciting colors and designs. Looks like heaps of fun to make.

  9. Sounds like such fun to use sticks and fingers to paint. I think these turned out beautifully for you. Lovely work. Happy PPF

  10. Yay for Tracey Verdugo!
    Love seeing your paint process and lovely results here!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. These are fantastic! I think you might have found a new style.

  12. Wow ~ Fantastic creations ~ excellent work ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  13. I am enjoying your creativity. The 'balls' are excellent. Blessings, Janet PPF

  14. you obviously got a lot out of the lesson because you have made wonderful work... love these soooo much..xx

  15. Beautiful process!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. This is wonderful! Lovely to see the progress-shots. Thnx for sharing!

  17. I love the paintings! So much wonderful color and the circles - well, it looks like some wonderful grouping of planets to me.

  18. Beautiful work! I love the result of painting over the bright colors. Happy belated PPF!

  19. You have achieved some lovely effects here:)