Monday, October 27, 2014

I did finish two more paintings to day..

This is my third painting for the Gut Art class. I really enjoyed painting this one. 
As usually I did start with the background. While drying I did cut out the colors I wanted to use for her dress and wings. I found those beautiful legs in a magazine and I did cut out the wings from two different kind of papers. 
Now it was time to paint her face, I did use watercolor paper and Neocolor. I did cut out some hearts and the Om. 
I found this wonderful text in one of my boxes.
After gluing all peaces together I did glue my girl to the background.

This is my second week painting, just a flower I made of paper and paint, bright colors, nothing special but fun to make.

Have a beautiful week



  1. Loving them both, so fab. Annette x