Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why I paint what I paint...

Like I told you in my last post then I have been unable to paint for few weeks... had to have my leg strait and did not fit in to my studio like that, sitting in a wheel chair.

But yesterday I was able to sit for a while with my leg down so I did a little painting.
As you might know Im taking Mystele´s class Gut Art. At first I was completely lost did not know what to do but after a little help from a friend I begun to understand.

I did make a background, using Acryl, stamps, graphite, stencils, ink spray, ink, and water. I did make lines, round shapes, zikzak lines and just anything I could think of.

When dried I did turn my paper around many times trying to find out what was hiding in my background. And after a moment I had found some interesting things.

I did make the lines darker and you can see what I saw.

After I had found out what would be in my painting I did start with a white paint and then a black paint. Adding a little paint here and there.

Now I did also find a little bird in the ladies dress..

I was not to happy with  my painting, It needed a litttle more colors and I had to fix the lettering in her face.

So I did a little more painting and I start using my oil pastels that I have never used before.

So now Im done, like it a lot better like this. What do you think?

Please leave me a comment, It would make me happy :)

Have a beautiful day