Sunday, October 19, 2014

Can´t paint :(

I have not been here for a long time and I have not been painting for a long time...
The reason.... I had a operation on my leg for 3 weeks ago. 
So now I have to sit with my leg strait for so many weeks, I think Im going to die...
First 2 weeks like this photo shows.

        Then I have to be like this for 4 weeks.... 

After 6 week Ill get something new on my leg that I have to have for 6 more weeks and all 12 weeks Im not allowed to use my leg..... lucky me, I have two legs so I can jump around with the other one :)

And what to do when I cant fit with my leg in my studio.... I have to knit and crochet...
My days are long so Im lucky to have a little princes that can use the things I make.

First I did start by making me a throw I can have in my Lazy Boy...
Love the colors.

Then I made a Bauta Whits cap for my prinsess.

Then I made another cap with little cute owls, Im waiting for their eyes which will arrive on Tusday by mail :)

Then I had to make mittens with the same yarn.

And as you can see, then Im never alone :)

To morrow Im taking a new class, I hope that I can manage to sit in my studio for a  little time every day. 
I need an inspiration...

The class that Im taking is GUT ART by Mystele, my favorite girl

Have a wonder week