Friday, June 26, 2015

Two exhibition opening at the same day :I

One day I did start a painting, a big one 80x80
it was going to an exhibition.
It started like this...

Adding layer b y layer of a bright an  beautiful layers..

Suddenly there were 3 birds there...

With a doodle here and there.... I came as far as this..

And suddenly there was a girl with a bird... yes I did paint over my birds..

She was good looking, with a bird on her shoulder, small wings and a beautiful quote in her hair that says.. Nothing can dim the light that comes from within.. (Maya Angelou)

And this is how my painting ended... with a bronze background... 
A little different from the start
But tats how I paint... 

The other exhibition was an outdoor exhibition for one evening, painting on a thick cloth.. 
Much fun making, loved this event.. 

Have a beautiful weekend