Thursday, July 2, 2015

Painting over one more time :)

I had an old and ugly painting, very dark colors and just not to look at..
So I got my gesso and painted over with my gesso..
Now I had a white canvas

Now it was time to start painting, first with yellow and orange,
 then red, turning the canvas all the time..
then it was the blue and green.
And when dry I started drawing

I did draw a girl, a girl with a bird..
Not new for me, it is always a girl and a bird..

Now it was time to bring some color to the face and to the bird..

Here she was almost done..

And here she is, beautiful and bright.
The size is 40x100
Acryl on canvas
Love this painting

Have a beautiful day



  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh she is WONDERFUL. I so love these colors. She looks so peaceful but also like she is amazed - perhaps she is walking through her secret garden and viewing beautiful flowers/birds everywhere. Just INCREDIBLE. j.

    1. Thank you Joi, yes it looks like she is surrounded by flowers. I really enjoyed painting this one :)