Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lady in blue..

How can one be so bussy before Christmas??
I have been counting the days for the school to end this year and finally I having my Christmas holidays..
But then this stupid Christmas preparation starts.. Shopping, shopping and do some more shopping... 
I dont have the time I thought I would have to paint and create..
but today I sat down trying to finish my painting after Ady Almanza´s class for the 
My scanner is not good enough because you can not see all the glitter on her wings and eyelashes, she is much more colorful when I look at her here on my desk.
But anyhow I did finish a painting and Im quite happy with the resulte.
Hope you all have a great weekend and a happy PPF.


  1. Love her and I can see the glitter on her eyelashes!

  2. Glittery art is fun! She has a soulful look to her! HPPF! Happy holidays to you too!

  3. She is beautiful, lovely colors and love glitter! The eyelashes are so pretty and fun and charming! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

  4. Love your work!
    Buon Natale!!