Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doodling..... and doodling..

I have told you before and Im telling you again... I love to doodle.
I you have not tried you should give it a try. 
If you go to Youtube there you will find a lot of how to doodle.
You can look for Zentangle as well.

 I have been having such a problem with this blog, im always getting the same.. you have used all of your 1GB.. so I have been deleting a lot of photo bot from here, from my Picasa as well as my Picasa web album but nothing is working... So now Im going to do my last try.. if not I dont know what to do.. 
If you know what to do please leave me a message and tell me..


  1. Your choices I think are 1. Start a new blog
    2. Pay for more space. I chose to do the latter!
    Love the doodles!

  2. Awesome doodle! I also went on YouTube lately and found doodling videos, it's so fun.

  3. Such a fun doodle! Sorry, I can't help with the blogger problem. I use Wordpress.